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Lyrical G

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Lyrical G Follows up Akongo Wero’s Call To Action Towards Early Cancer Screening.

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AFGF: You sing about the bond of friendship. How important is this to you. How can it be channeled in this campaign to raise awareness about cancer?

LG: The bond of friendship is a very important issue especially in our day to day life. Personally I feel like with the kind of friends I have, and the type of friendships that I have made along the way in my life. I have been able to call on people and to know that I can rely on them to come through and help me when I’m down or when I need any form of assistance. It is very important to constantly remind ourselves that we care about other people especially in this situation where cancer is involved. You have to look out for your friends and remind them to go for checks every now and then. To ensure they can avoid things like prostate cancer, breast cancer, and all other forms of cancer

AFGF: Please tell us about your most recent cancer related engagement.

LG: My most recent cancer engagement was when I was invited by AFGF to attend the free breast screening process that was happening in Makindye. This was in October last year (2020). It was a very important day for me because I was able to find other artistes with whom we collaborated on the Few Good Friends Album. I also met other different people from different walks of life (actresses, other performers and sports people) they all showed up and took heed of the awareness that was being spread at the campaign. They came through and got themselves screened and checked. It was very important. We had fun, we hang out and we shared a lot of experiences and other issues related to our different ways of life and businesses.

AFGF: Lastly, going forward, how can the fans and friends of Akongo Wero engage in this campaign?

My friends and family and fans can engage in this campaign by continuing to create awareness. (They should) also let people know in case they are suffering. They shouldn’t suffer alone. They can let it be known that they have been tested and found out that they have cancer or carry cancer cells. And then all forms of help can be extended to them. Going forward, a lot of my personal fans and friends and other people of the world can come out and help to create awareness and help other people to as well come out and take this cancer thing head on.

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