Akongo – The Family

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Friendship, Cancer Awareness, Early Screening and Treatment, Akongo Breaks the Silence.

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Akongo Wero breaks the silence about the importance of friendship, cancer awareness, early screening and treatment and how she got the inspiration to write (and sing) “The Family”.

AFGF: You sing about the bond of friendship. How important is this to you. How can it be channeled in this campaign to raise awareness about cancer?

Akongo: Aaagh that song…. Ok. So basically this is about the bond of friendship. How we all need friends to go through certain situations or actually every situation in our life. Imagine you are sick and you don’t have anyone to talk to. So when you have a friend, you know. Someone you can talk to, a shoulder to lean on. Even when you are going to get screened, you need someone to go with so they can encourage you; they can give you this confidence you need to get the drive to go in. That is what the song is all about; how we all need friends. There is no one out there who doesn’t need a friend. It’s an amazing project. It has great rappers on it and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

AFGF: Please tell us about your most recent cancer related engagement.

Akongo: My most recent cancer engagement was I think in Bukoto. I and a few good friends gathered around. We had a doctor who talked to use about different types of cancers and how we need to get tested early enough so it can be detected. We actually learnt that when you screen early enough, you can catch it early and then it can be managed. But if you Wait Till it’s too late, then definitely it will be too late. Then we also had some cancer survivors. It was amazing to actually know that there are people out there who actually fought this battle and they have won. It was amazing. We interacted and had a nice time.

AFGF: Why did you get involved?

Akongo: My closest experience with cancer. I remember Nampera Mulekwa. He was an amazing rapper. I think it was throat cancer. And then I remember Rose Mary Nankabirwa. The news anchor. It was really painful. Those are the two main experiences for me. But for me as person, I don’t know any close relatives with a history of dealing with cancer. It was really painful.
This thing does exist and it’s really killing many people silently. It’s like people’s eyes open when it hits them or someone close to them. But it shouldn’t be that way. You actually have to be aware of it even before it hits you. You get. It’s so much better if you go for early screening and then they catch it earlier and they basically treat it, because this is treatable unless when they find that it’s too late.. And when it is too late it is too late. That’s the problem with cancer.
So I remember when we were all in Bukoto. It was with a few good friends and it was a really beautiful engagement. It was a beautiful gathering and we actually interacted. They brought in doctors, who talked to us about different types of cancer and how one can get screened earlier for it to be caught earlier. We interacted with cancer survivors. It is possible to survive it. Because these were survivors, mostly women, but they had won their battles. So I think people should be aware and try their best to get screened early. It’s like the main thing to do before anything else. Get screened early.

AFGF: Lastly, going forward, how can the fans and friends of Akongo Wero engage in this campaign?

Akongo: For those who want to be a part of this. A part of the cancer awareness drive. All you have to do is share your story with us. May be you have a personal experience about this. There is someone. May be your brother, your sister, you father, your mother. Whoever it is, may be your friend. If you have a personal experience with this, just share your story with us. Like a video clip talking about it. How you went through it, who are those who had to go through it. Are you still battling it? How are you doing it? Just let us know. Your story could change a life out there. So you can inbox me or whatsapp the official “a few good friends” number, and share your video. That is basically it. I hope you be a part of this. It is really a good cause and you will be changing lives.
Thank you.

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