In 2012, we pioneered Uganda’s first ever hip-hop themed show on prime television, and highlighted the diversity of the hip-hop genre. In particular, our appreciation of the underground hip-hop culture grew exponentially. We met a myriad of artists, producers and fans, with a huge appetite for conscious music.

As life would have it, one of our colleagues, cum-friend, lost his battle with cancer. Hapless as his and our struggles were, we thought. Why not do something. At least to express our frustration? But as we contemplated on our next piece of action and reminisced over this fight, we realized that cancer was widely prevalent in Uganda. We were not alone in this, we were not the first, and would certainly not be the last. So, what was intended as an expression of our anger towards cancer, soon grew into a need to reach out to the many families and friends that lost loved ones to the disease. We had an overwhelming desire to encourage those living with cancer or caring for active patients, and an obligation to sensitize the masses of what it means to live and cope with cancer and how they can support the victims and their families.

We set out to achieve this through conscious Hip Hop music. We envisaged a space where different artists across the spectrum of hip-hop united to celebrate life through music with lyrics of hope, encouragement, solidarity, comfort and enlightenment. We set out to produce an album on which artists could use hip-hop as a voice for good. It has taken us more than 7 years of resilient planning and execution.

“A Few Good Friends” is the result of that effort. We selected this title in commemoration of the special bond we enjoyed while creating the album. It is a journey of transformation and reflection as captured in each word of each line. The Album itself is a sea of collaborations and a masterpiece in diversity. It blends more than 50 artists, producers, writers and record executives on it, we merge some of the most extreme acts, artists you could never have imagined working together. We intertwined the underground and the mainstream, packaged in more than 10 languages. All this to raise awareness about cancer. It is an album like no other before, a first for the hip-hop industry in Uganda and perhaps Africa as a whole.

This is our journey thus far.