Our mission is to ensure a cancer-free generation in Uganda

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Prevalent cases since 2015
New cases as of 2020
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Risk of dying from cancer before the age of 75 years

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Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells.


Checking for cancer (or for abnormal cells that may become cancer) in people who have no symptoms is called screening. Several screening tests have been shown to detect cancer early and to reduce the chance of dying from that cancer.

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Signs and symptoms of cancer depend on where the cancer is, how big it is, and how much it affects nearby organs or tissues. If a cancer has spread (metastasized), signs or symptoms may appear in different parts of the body.

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good friends

If one of your friends has cancer, you may be wondering the best way to support him or her. Even though you want to help, it can be hard to know what to say or do.

Being diagnosed with cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence

We know that when seen early, cancer is beatable.

We believe cancer is beatable. The baton lies in our minds and it unfolds with every survival story we uncover. We are accountable to educate our friends about the importance of early detection in the fight against cancer. Help us make testing for cancer a habit that will save lives.


We use different communication channels to make regular cancer screening a habit, to ensure a cancer free generation in Uganda


We work with talented creatives, gifted medical personnel as well as diligent communicators to ensure that the majority of the youth population in Uganda is informed that cancer is not a death sentence, especially with early testing.


This year, our participation in the Cancer Awareness Month leans heavily on the release and promotion of the AFGF Project Album’s theme song: WANTAMA.

This song creatively communicates the disgust towards cancer while imploring the listener to screen early as this is a very effective way to combat the disease.

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Every story shared is a chance to make someone feel less alone.


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